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We cooperat with many CrossFit Boxes and Weightlifting gyms.

CrossFit Boxes around the world

 CrossFit Villalba

 CrossFit Roermond

 Smart Move CrossFit

 CrossFit MayFly

 Green Box Fitness Targoviste

 Trawius GYM

 Kämpferherz CrossFit

 Weightlifting club Titan

 Crossfit Untersberg

 Cathalo CrossFit Box

 Performance Gym Alkmaar

 Crossfit Arrabona

 CrossFit Laisve

 Crossfit Riegel

 CrossFit Heracles

 DoubleD CrossFit

 Gyula Barbell Sports Club

 CrossFit Magnus Opus

CrossFit Boxes in Czech republic

 CrossFit South 140 00

 CrossFit Strahov

 CrossFit GTPS

 CrossFit Steal Wings

 CrossFit Praha

 CrossFit Plzeň

 CrossFit Pardubice

 CrossFit Meat Factory

 CrossFit Liberec

 CrossFit Hradec Králové

 CrossFit Commited

 CrossFit Destiny

 CrossFit MadMan

 CrossFit los podolos

 CrossFit Děčín


Czech reprezentations

Slovak reprezentations

Other fitness gyms

Form Factory

LS Training

Magnum OPUS

RR Gym

Funkční fitness Olomouc

Gym Zuyd

Ultimate Fitness

Toro Gym

Arena Pavly Kladivové


Eagle Fitness

And many more..