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We cooperat with many CrossFit Boxes and Weightlifting gyms.

CrossFit Boxes

CrossFit South 140 00

CrossFit Strahov

CrossFit GTPS

CrossFit Villalba

CrossFit Steal Wings

CrossFit Praha

CrossFit Plzeň

CrossFit Pardubice

CrossFit Meat Factory

CrossFit Liberec

CrossFit Kladno

CrossFit Hradec Králové

CrossFit Commited

CrossFit Bubalus

CrossFit Destiny

CrossFit MadMan

CrossFit HomeTown

CrossFit los podolos

Czech reprezentations

Czech reprezentations


LS Training

Magnum OPUS

RR Gym

Funkční fitness Olomouc

Gym Zuyd

Ultimate Fitness

Toro Gym

Arena Pavly Kladivové


Eagle Fitness

And many more..