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Bohemian Throwdown

First year of this competition is blind us and it was really successful competition.
Bohemian Throwdown was scheduled on weekend from first to third of July in Pilsen.
This competition was organized by Martin Feiferlik from CrossFit Get Up.
This competition offered a lot of interesting moments.
There were many competitors from abroad and we could see some athletes who reached CrossFit Games Semifinals in past years.

The main arena was imide of DEPO2015 and all competitors had great service.
A lot of cold drinks, which were in fridge, unlimited fruits and proein bars and great service from physio team from Physiotherapy Rukavička, who did really well and help many athletes for nice prices.
These guys helped many athletes to be ready for their competition.
WARM UP area was full of great equipment and everyone has a lot of space for individual preparation for competition.

Category Mens ELITE won Slovakian Matúš Kočár, who is really young and great future is waiting for him. This guy was really consistent during whole competition and deserved first place.
Silver medal went to Slovakia as well thanks to Martin Kružlič, who was 22 points behind Kočár.
Third was Mateusz Musial from Poland.
The best Czech in this category was Áron Lisý, who was fourth and was 48 points behind medal position.

Category Womens ELITE won Poland Julia Blazejowska. She was absolutely stunning during whole competition and her worst position during whole week was fourth place in one workout.
Second was Kasia Jankowska from Poland.
Bronze medal went to CrossFit Mad Man thanks to Denisa Provazníková, who performed really well and even won two workouts.

Intermediate mens won Jan Luptak from Slovakia, who was only twice second in separate workouts.
His lead was so big, that second competitor was 179 points behind Luptak. Luptak is probably looking forward to ELITE category, for which he is 100% ready.
Silver medal won Tomáš Mareš from CrossFit Get Up Pilsen and third Marek Pavlásek from Ultimate Fitness Olomouc.

Intermediate womens won Jitka Mrázková.
Second was Veronika Benešovská from CrossFit Mad MAN. She was trying to win until the end and performed absolutely amazing during last WOD and won it.
Bronze medal won Tereza Schejbalová from CrossFit Get Up.

Mens Masters won Lionel Bourrin from France with 875 points.
Second was Jakub Buček from Ultimate Fitness, who tried to beat french men whole week.
Bronze medal won Christian Grezla from Germany.
There was competition of Teens girl as well.
Štěpánka Simulíková was a Winter of this category and second was Zuzana Wágnerová. Both from CrossFit Get Up Pilsen.

There was a great atmosphere during the whole week and we are already looking forward to next competition, which will be Big Summer Games in August.

Report from member of team WORKOUT.EU

I started the competition well. Chipper, which I was looking forward to went well and I was Fifth in that WOD. There was a 3 RM overhead squat afterwards, where I believed, that can do big things, but unfortunately failed first lift and then everything was bad. In the end, I lifted at least 80 kg and it gave me almost last place in WOD. Another WOD were toes to ring and hs walk, which was a real test and tested everyone.
I was going to the second day on 12th place and knew, that have to go all in.
Running and bike erg was average. Another workouts were much better.
I could easily win Snatches and HSPU as well as STOH and Chest to bars.
I went into last wod with mindset, that I will také really good place or die.
In the end, I was sixth in the workout and eighth overall.
It was a good experience and I am looking forward to next competition.
Martin Feiferlik did really good competition and it was best competition by me where I have ever been.
Thanks for nice competition!

Few words from Denisa Provazníková

Michal Merganič told me, that I should go on this competition and I went. To be honest, it paid off, I have never been on better competition. Organization was great. Everything was on time, judges were great and everyone was friendly. There was everything in athletes area and we have great service. Water, fruits, flapjacks, physio.
Head organizátor Martin Feiferlik was asking us all the time, if everything is good and we do not need anything.
All workouts were great, made sense and tested everyone.
I really liked athletes from different countries. Fight against athletes who you do not know is great motivation. If the competition will be next year, I will be first registered women :)

Report from Martin Klužlič from Slovakia

Bohemian Throwdown, first year, everything was new for organizators and for people around (staff).
To be honest, I have to say, that everything was perfekt and on high level.
Some big European competitions should get some inspiration from this competition.
I really liked environment, how they took care about us or fresh food and drinks in athlete area.
Regeneration was great as well from Physios and ice water outsider.
Workouts were great and tested everyone properly.
It showed us, who is proper athlete and who is not.
I was only little bit sad about how „many“ athletes and fans were there. I believe, that next year will have bigger fame even in Europe and all categories will be full, because I believe, that this competition deserve that!
I am looking forward to next year!

We are really happy, that we could be partners of this competition and give nice prices to top3 athletes in three categories.


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