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SWISS ALPINE BATTLE 2018 by Martin Stepanek

A renowned Swiss team for this year opened the 40+ category and Martin Střítecký came up with an idea that could not be resisted. We tried to qualify and as a totally unsuccessful team (Hradec and Brno are still far from each other) we advanced between 5 teams to the final race in the village of Villars about 1300 m.

We went to Czech Republic with teams Redrink (Honza Hanák + Mike Velkov), UltimateFitness (Jakub Boček + Pavel Novotný) and TWBG (Jakub Brichta + David Stroupek) as well as several cheering and supporters. However, it is not my responsibility to evaluate their performance, except that, of course, they were bombing.

We traveled in the middle of the night, it's dark and it's going faster, say. On Thursday, we had some sleep, passed and passed.

On Friday morning, we registered, photographed, met Annie, Sam, Laura, Karl, Patrick, Adrian, Frederick, Spencrem ... These are Games athletes if they did not recognize it. And if you do not know what Games are, it does not matter.

Afternoon boarding and WOD 1 "Biathlon". Let God pay that swimming was the only decision in the case of a draw. Otherwise, we would have to get a warrior with a biddle for us. The decisive result in Duatlon was the caliber pitched at Bike Erg, which was also the best choice for our well-chosen tactics. Not one Marťas drowned and that was the main goal of the Friday's start at the race.

Saturday morning and exclusive views of the sunny Alps. They brought us a dagger at 1700m.n.m and from here we started the "Trail Run". Perhaps best was the message of one of the organizers: "It's about 6 km and you should get it in about 45 minutes ...". So I believe that those who did not know for the first time what was waiting for them. We just imagined it. A little uphill, a little uphill, cow, a little uphill, straight, uphill, a little uphill, frozen grass, uphill, uphill, uphill, less uphill, uphill, less uphill, much up the hill, you do not know where you are, how much more is going to happen. "Borec says," this is the last hill, then just downhill ... ". With Martin we did a great job, and as a team we reached the first goal.

Then he began "crossfit" as some (Filip Trojovsky) liked to say because jogging and swimming is just running and swimming


We did very well on Saturday, made a minimum of mistakes and lost only 2.5 points. Our opponents were still on our heels, and we knew it would be a struggle for the last discipline. The difficulty increased.

On Sunday morning, the obstacle course, the team's second position was great for me, because I did not know what to do to show. >I did not fall. I flew on the wet grass in the curve and skated a little on the wet log.Martias had long been looking for me from the target .-)

Then it came, a stack of synchronized work and a pool of gymnastics.
Synchronize the two who have met up here. Synchro Bar Muscle ups quite good, wait up to the other. We just were not so fast. All teams ended up in the 30s and we, unfortunately, last.

A total of 3 parts and so many numbers, rules and exercises that we always looked at what to do, and we waited for the referee not to call us. We did something great with something, something good and something almost at all.

But it belongs to races, to gain experience, to learn, to learn.

The race was greatly organized. The weather can also be ordered in Switzerland. So the icing on the cake was a golden, full-food chocolate medal for our Czech CF Maters team.
Personally, thank you for the support of WORKOUT.EU, there is one joy in sports shorts (just put some small pocket for a coffee or a key from the gym).

Martin Štěpánek
CrossFit Hradec Králové

Translated by Google