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Test of new shoes INOV-8 MUDCLAW G 260 from WORKOUT.EU

After 2 weeks of testing, I can clearly say it's an unrivaled crossbreed to the most challenging terrain. Closer cut shoes, fantastic responsiveness, instant reaction, outsole with aggressive tread pattern and graphene admixture ...

The MUDCLAW model series has been made mainly for OCR races, and so it remains! They have a perfect grip and can take on even the worst terrain, so the worse the conditions they have, the better they perform.
Adding miraculous material - graphene to the sole - makes these shots 50% stronger, 50% more flexible and 50% harder!

At the first tire I had a little cramped feeling, but after a few laps KM, they naturally adjust to the foot.
For those who are accustomed to the higher heel I have a warning that there is a little lower but lacing has on each side one hole in addition to exactly the heel to prevent the possible slipping of the foot (if you can not tie ... instructions will find every amateur on youtube).

The tip of the shoe is very strong and is reinforced with Kevlar (also the heel), even if it is not so thick ... and so is not a problem when you trip (which happens quite often. the strained edges of the shoe, and in fact it all pulls like that around the shoe.

From the bottom of the outsole to lacing, a laminated thermoplastic mesh that reinforces the entire upper and provides more stable guidance in heavy traverses. Solid lacing and kevlar-coated tongue certainly, but sensitively fixes the shoe to the instep. In the upper part of the upper there are cross-sections for attaching the ankle sleeve, which is part of the package ... WHAT IS MEGA!

Thanks to their 8mm sticks they keep on the ground, grass and mud as if you imagined ... and the same is true in the snow. Whether it's uphill or downhill, you can always rely on them.
Of course, be careful when you start to brake ... to charge your mouth to the ground.
I wouldn't give them a lot on the road run .. but if they get a bit on the asphalt during the race, they can stand it.
Overall, I can judge that these will be the TOP among the competitors in terms of OCR sneakers and any trail run.
Though their price is higher ... I think all INOV-8 gourmets will find their way :)
Of course, I recommend them to anyone who wants 100% quality.

Tomáš Cinky Cinko
- attended more than 70 Spartan Race races
- Fan page:

  • -20%

    An unrivaled crossword puzzle for the most demanding marathon. Narrow cut of the shoe, kevlar-reinforced upper, fantastic responsiveness, instant reaction, aggressive outsole and graffiti. For each shoe you will get a FREE Cover Gaiter.

    3 298 Kč discount 660 Kč
    2 638 Kč
    Reduced price!