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We stumbled upon the ThornFit brand in 2015 when we wanted to expand our shorts collection suitable for CrossFit. We were searching for something durable and flexible. Those who worked out with CrossFit at the time will certainly remember them, as there weren't many options.

ThornFit is a brand originating from Poland. The company divides its focus on manufacturing and selling skis during the winter and mainly focuses on fitness during the summer. They expand their product portfolio every year, following current trends.

We have been with this brand nearly since its inception and have managed to raise its profile significantly in the Czech republic. Some people know it because of the shorts, while others work out with their weights. ThornFit always strives for a clean look and quality workmanship. This applies to both gym equipment and clothing as well as fitness accessories.

Most products are made in Asia and undergo a thorough quality control process before being loaded into containers, with some even passing through an X-ray.

Personal meeting with a ThornFit representative.
Personal meeting with a ThornFit representative.


From our experience, we can say that Thornfit products have good quality. This applies to both heavy equipment (kettlebells, dumbbells, plates, bars,..), accessories (rips, callus guards, skipping ropes,..) and clothing (shorts and shirts). Throughout our history, we have mainly dealt with complaints about knee bands, which we stopped selling, and occasionally a minor issue.

ThornFit products are usually quite heavy or bulky, and so they regularly arrive at our store on pallets. We always look forward to receiving such pallets :)

Which products are the best?

I would recommend the ThornFit brand for purchasing heavy equipment, which is suitable both for the gym and home use. They also, for instance, offer very cheap grips guards, which are suitable for beginners. The collapsible Abmat is also handy.