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CrossFit Pardubice Duo Challenge 2024

Every year, the first big event is associated with spring's arrival, which is the pair races. It's a great way to experience the atmosphere of CrossFit competitions in a "home" environment, both for beginner CrossFitters and experienced matadors.

Group photo

This year's edition was released on Saturday 23.3.. The weather was kind to us. The sun was shining, so we could run outside for the first workout. After the first longer and conditioning test, we managed to climb the ladder of the barbell complex to the maximum before lunch.


After lunch, when everyone gained strength and replenished their energy from our partner Nutrend, we started the third test, a bit unusual for CrossFit - the maximum endurance hanging on the bar.
That was the first part, the second part tested, how one deals with the jump rope, because it was necessary to master jumps over the jump rope classically, backward, egg, and DoubleUnders.

The last two tests were quick workouts and at 17:00 we already knew the winners of the Duo Challenge 2024.


All podium finishers received super prizes from our main partner, who equipped them for the next training sessions and races with several practical accessories.
All participants took away a lot of experience and motivation for further training.