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Championship of the Czech Republic for juniors and teenagers in classic powerlifting 2022

We supported the tenth year of the Czech Republic Junior and Youth Championship in classic powerlifting, which took place on the weekend of October 15-16, 2022, in the Dolní Břežany sports hall.

On Saturday, we were introduced to the first half of the competitors - juniors (men aged 18-23)
and on Sundays, juniors, teenagers and teenage girls (15-18 years old).
On both days there were great performances, both by boys and girls, we also saw several new national records broken.

A total of 76 juniors (boys), 33 junior girls, 45 teenagers (boys) and 18 teenagers took part in the race.
A total of 28 national records were broken, the records of junior athlete Jakub Šigut (weight category up to 120 kg) are worth mentioning, who with his squat (300 kg), deadlift (352.5) and total (820 kg) surpassed both junior and male records national records.
Valerie Velemanová (weight category up to 69 kg) is worth mentioning among the female competitors, who broke both the junior and women's national records with her deadlift of 181 kg, while also taking home the national total record from the competition with a performance of 413.5 kg.




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