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Weighlifting at Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021 is over and we could done one big show from many competitors

The long-awaited weightlifting in Tokyo 2021 is over and we will try to write a short review about all categories.

It was a little bit different from last year.
For example qualification key, which was not clear until last months before the Olympic Games, change of the year because of the coronavirus, which made a huge difference for many competitors or the fact, that competitors have to compete in an empty stadium, even though we could watch nice numbers.

There were many Olympic records and few World records as well.
The most sovereign weightlifters were Lasha Talakhadze, Shi Zhiyong, Li Fabin, Li Wenwen, and Kuo Hsing-Chun
The most successful country in terms of medals was China. They sent there 8 weightlifters and won seven gold medals and one silver.
There were few weight categories, which were changed. It meant that win in particular categories meant automatically the Olympic record.

Olympic records

Women U49kg - Hou Zhihui (China) = Snatch 94 kg (OR) + Clean and Jerk 116kg (OR) = total 210 kg (OR)
Women U55kg - Diaz Hidilyn (Phillipines) = Snatch 97 kg + Clean and Jerk 127kg (OR) = total 224 kg (OR)
Women U59kg - Kuo Hsing-Chun (Tchaj-wan) = Snatch 103 kg (OR) + Clean and Jerk 133 kg (OR) =  total 236 kg (OR)
Women + 87kg - Li Wenwen (China) = Snatch 140 kg (OR) + Clean and Jerk 180 kg (OR) = total 320 kg (OR)
Men U61kg - Li Fabin (China) = Snatch 141 kg + Clean and Jerk 172 kg (OR) = total 313 kg (OR)
Men U67kg - Chen Lijun (China) = Snatch 145 kg + Clean and Jerk 187 kg (OR) = total 332 kg (OR)
Men U73kg - Shi Zhiyong (China) = Snatch 166 kg (OR) + Clean and Jerk 198 kg (OR) = total 364 kg (OR)
Men U81kg - Lyu Xiaojun (China) = Snatch 170 kg (OR) + Clean and Jerk 204 kg (OR) = total 374 kg (OR)
Men U96kg - Elbakh Fares Ibrahim (Qatar) = Snatch 177 kg + Clean and Jerk 225 kg (OR) = total 402 kg (OR)
Men U109kg
- Djuraev Akbar (Uzbekistán) = Snatch 193 kg + Clean and Jerk 237 kg (OR) = total 430 kg (OR)
- Simon Martirosyan (Armenia) = Snatch 195 kg (OR) + Clean and Jerk 228 kg = total 423 kg
Men +109kg - Talakhadze Lasha (Georgia) = Snatch 223 kg (OR) + Clean and Jerk 265 kg (OR) = total 488 kg  (OR)

World records

Men U73kg- Shi Zhiyong (China) = Snatch 166 kg + Clean and Jerk 198 kg = total 364 kg (WR)
Men +109kg - Talakhadze Lasha (Georgia) = Snatch 223 kg (WR) + Clean and Jerk 265 kg (WR) = total 488 kg (WR)

Great to watch was ctaegory women U55 kg, when both weightliters (Diaz Hidilyn and Liao Qiuyun) lifted 97 kg on snatch and then fought for gold in clean and jerk, when chinese Liao Qiuyun hit 126 kg successfuly, but Filipino Diaz Hidilyn lifted 127 kg and won whole competition.

Kuo Hsing-Chun showed us absolute dominance when she won her category with snatch 103 kg and clean and jerk 133 kg. She set new olympic records thanks to that and left behind her all opponents. Silver medal went to Turkmenistan thanks to Guryeva Polina, who was 19 kg behing Chun. She lifted 96 kg in snatch and then 121 kg in clean and jerk.

Chinese Li Wenwen smashed absolutely everyone in category +87 kg, when she won Snatch with 18 kg lead and lifted 140 kg. Then she lifted 180 kg in clean and jerk and won gold medal with massive 37 kg diference. British Emily Campbell was second with 122 kg snatch and 161 kg clean and jerk.

Really interesting fight was in men category U67 kg between Chinese Chen Lijun and Colombian Luis Javier Mosquera. Mosquera took lead during snatch session with 151 kg. But Chen Lijun then dominated the clean and jerk session and lifted 187 kg which meant 1 kg overall lead over Colombian and competition was over. Chen Lijun finished session with two attempts and took gold medal.

Great Shi Zhiyong won men U73 kg category without problem. He lifted 166 kg in Snatch, which will be enough for second place in higher weight category. Afterwards he dominated clean and jerk session during his One man show and lifted 198 kg. Julio Mayora from Venezuela tried 199 kg in clean and jerk but was not successful.

Long awaited men category U81 kg was stunning again. We had our ambassador there Ritvars Suharevs from Latvia, who took 6th place with 163 kg snatch and 195 kg clean and jerk. He will need 7 more kg in total to get medal. Legendary Lyu Xiaojun won gold medal with 170 kg snatch and 204 kg clean and jerk. Silver medal went to Dominican Zacarias Bonnat, who lifted 163 kg in snatch and 204 kg in clean and jerk. Bronze medal then went to Italy thanks to European champion Antonino Pizzolato, who hit 165 kg snatch and then 200 kg clean and jerk. We saw two attempts for 210 kg in clean and jerk from Lyu and Antonnino, but unfortunately, both failed.

Great show was in category U109 kg. Firstly, we saw olympic record in snatch from Armenian Simon Martirosyan 195 kg and afterwards in clean and jerk from Uzbekistan Akbar Djuraev who lifted 237 kg. Both weightlifters are really young and we could expect from them much more. This battle won Djuraev with 7 kg lead.

The best and long awaited category were men +109 kg. Unfortunately, it was not for our ambassador Jiri Orsag, who lifted 180 kg in snatch and then failed all attempts in clean and jerk and because of that was last. Anyway Lasha Talakhadze showed his qualities once again and assured us that he is the best weightlifter in history. He took gold medal absolutely without problem when he hit snatch 223 kg and set new world record. Then smashed clean and jerk session with 265 kg successful attempt and set new world record again. We think that competition when he will hit 500 kg total will come really soon.

Weightlifting on Olympic Games is over and we can not wait for another competition.

You can watch every category on Eurosport or Youtube.