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Who is going to be the next Crossfit Games champion?

We have never had in CrossFit Games history someone like Mat Fraser.

After his retirement in early February, this year here is one big topic, who is going to be the next CrossFit Games champions.

The top 3 places were since his start with CrossFit every year different, so this year is everything possible.

And because of that, I selected 5 CrossFit Games athletes, who will be big title contenders for CrossFit Games 2021



His second place on CrossFit Games 2020 makes him a big title contender for this year.

He was the only one who was able to beat Fraser in a single event in 2020.

Kwant is 25 years old, former Cross country runner for his university. He switched from running to CrossFit after 2 years of doing it together.

We can say that after his back and knee injuries in 2018, he is finally back and the best years are waiting for him. So we could expect big things from him on CrossFit Games 2021.

Source of photos from the athlete's profile:



Three times on the podium, but never reached that gold medal feeling. He was not able to do that until now, but maybe Patrick Vellner will have the biggest motivation for becoming CrossFit Games champion.

He is the only one from all these guys in our article, who reached the podium more than once and these experiences could possibly play for him this year.

Even though he did not qualify for Games 2020, he trained so hard and will be ready for this year OPEN to show everyone how good is he.

He is 30 years old so there are probably last years of competing for him and the title on Games will be the best happy end for him.

Source of photos from the athlete's profile:



2020 was not his year.

But I think, that there is still some special motivation for him to do a big result this year.

There was absolutely no one, who could beat him in Muprh in 2019 and he was really good on another event as well.

His third place in 2019 will be surely big motivation for doing something even bigger this year.

You can see on his Instagram profile, that he is ready more than ever before and maybe because of that … 2021 will be his year.

Source of photos from the athlete's profile:



Fourth place on Games 2020 was not probably the result, what Noah wanted, but this could be a thing, which will motivate him to show people, that he is still there and could attack the CrossFit Games title.

Unfortunately, after a long lead in 2019, he did not become a champion and reached only second place.

Noah was a big opponent for Fraser for years and we could expect, that there are last years for him in CrossFit Games. Because of that, he will want to finally win that Fittest on the earth title.

He is in really good shape based on his social media and he will be 100% ready for OPEN.

He is focusing more on running and gymnastics, which were not his strong disciplines in the last years.

Source of photos from the athlete's profile:



Third place on CrossFit Games 2020 was probably only the start of everything, what we can expect from him in upcoming years.

He amazed the whole CrossFit community and surely deserved the title for Rookie of the year.

We could see, that he was not 100% ready in some disciplines last year, but one year is really long time for making big progress and I am expecting an even better result from him this year.

Justin is not posting so many things on his social media account, so we can only bet in which shape he is. But OPEN is almost here and he will show everyone, why he was Rookie of the year in 2020.

Source of photos from the athlete's profile:


2021 will be a big year and CrossFit Games will be really interesting.