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A new Nike Romaleos 4 weightlifting shoes is here!

The Nike Romaleos 2 weightlifting shoes were introduced before the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Since then, these shoes have built a reputation as one of the best weightlifting shoes and definitely rightly so. Romaleos 2 shoes are stable, very durable, just weightlifters that almost every weightlifter wanted. Therefore, when the new Nike Romaleos 3 weightlifting shoes came a few years ago, the expectations were huge. However, it was even more disappointing when the weightlifters found out that Romaleos would not replace 3 older shoes in weightlifting by far. It was because the Nike Romaleos 3 were designed more as versatile shoes that could be weighted, but also practiced many other exercises. An excellent shoe for many athletes, a disappointment for weightlifters. The reputation of the Nike Romaleos 3 was partially enhanced by the innovated Romaleos 3.5 (XD), which had eliminated the design flaws of the Nike Romaleos 3, but was still not a full-fledged weightlifter.

Nike Romaleos 4  a Romaleos 2

The real successor to the Nike Romaleos 2 is called the Nike Romaleos 4 and will go on sale in Europe in early May. Like the Nike Romaleos 2, it will have two straps to firmly fix the foot in the shoe. New innovated upper, as stable platform / sole as with Romaleos 2. We had the shoes tested by the Czech representative in weightlifting (who replaced them with Romaleos 2) and according to his experience you really have something to look forward to;). Finally, we will see a dignified successor to weightlifting shoes after the successful Romaleos 2. Not only weightlifters, but also those who integrate squats in training on a large scale, will get 4 great helpers in Romaleos.

Are you looking forward to us?