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Our ambassador David Stroupek at Crossfit Games 2019

This year, athletes at CrossFit Games were not only selected according to the CrossFit Open, but also top representatives from more than 100 countries around the world. That went to Soňa Karásková and our ambassador David Stroupek.

CrossFit Games

And what does CrossFit Games look like? David's scab replied.


Our journey to Games began on the way to Vienna, where we flew 9 hours to Chicago.
After arriving in Chicago, we had to rent a car at the airport to travel to Wisconsin, which we got a little expensive :)
We set out on a journey, the journey to Madison took about 2 hours, where we quickly stayed and went to check in as soon as possible and to the area for athletes. The registration was a fairy-tale man! A really good load of things and shoes, headbands, etc. from Reebok.
After registering for some classic American food, so McDonald :) We go to sleep, but the shift of time is a lot to know. Fortunately, I still do not race - slept about 3 hours. American breakfest at the hotel and then at the first athletes briefing on the opening ceremony and dinner. Together dinner where we meet for the first time with Dave Castro and Gregg Glassman and all the athletes, you feel a bit like a dream: D. After the 3rd course menu and a few photos with athletes we are moving to the hotel perhaps sleep more than yesterday, but nothing again honest 3 hours of sleep.

In the morning we had a ceremony where all athletes had to be dressed in Reebok uniforms and a great experience to carry the Czech flag in front of so many people and to represent the Czech Republic. Finally, the publication of the first workout. Pretty nice workout, even if running and legless aren't exactly weapons: D. We go in heats of 50 people, everyone can choose their rope and dumbbell. In the warm-up room, you did not have to warm up too much, because you, like the regionals, stand about 35 minutes before you go to the board in your playpen. Ok lets go. I run to the first rope, I find that it is about 5 times thicker than a classical rope. The first lap quite calm, one felt a little grip.

In the second a little worse, torn hands and we go on. The third round and I knew it was bad, tired grip + bloody hands, I always climbed halfway but no further. I spent 5 minutes on the rope and all the guys from the qualifying positions overtaken me, but a pity but experience. Other days just as a spectator, but here is definitely not bored and each crossfiterovi recommend at least once to see here as a spectator an incredible experience and watch the fight between Fraser and Ohlsenen breathtaking and goose bumps all the time.

Thanks so much for your support and for your cheering

David Stroupek