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Short Resistive Rubber Workout

One of my most used tools for starting strength training.

WORKOUT Resistance Rubber is suitable for everyone, like warming up before all the main strength exercises that we will aim at the lower body. Primarily on the buttocks, hips, hamstrings and thighs overall.

Furthermore, the rubber is suitable for warming up in front of back or front squats, lunges, crates, markets or relocation. It is fast, very intense and it fulfills its purpose 100%.

Tip for “warm up”

Before any strength or other training that is largely aimed at the lower body I do this short, intense “warm up”.

4 rounds of:
- Lateral Band Walk - 10 reps per side.
- Forward/Backward Band Walk - 10/10 reps.
- Banded Glute Bridge + Hold at the top (after last repetition) - 15 + 10s hold.

Ondrej Starosta
Treiner CrossFit Bubalus

foto: Tomáš Bizon