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Justin Medeiros is our new champion of CrossFit Games and Tia-Clair Toomey showed us her magic again

Long awaited competition was finally there and we could watch show in last days, which took part in Madison, USA. CrossFit Games.

These Games were quite special because absolutely everyone was thinking who will be next after legendary Matt Fraser, who won the Games five times in a row

There were plenty of favourites for title Fittest on the Earth, but champion can be only one.

This competition was full of emotions and tension. It was last year for many competitors and it meant so much for them.

Every event was special. For example first event, where everyone has to undergo test, where competitors swam with fins and then kayaking for 3 miles. Really interesting one was fourth event as well, where we saw wall wall from OPEN together with heavy thrusters.

The champion in Men category became 22 years old Justin Medeiros, who was third last year and won title for Rookie of the year. His 1234 points gave him title Fittest onthe Earth. It was amazing performace, where his worst result was in single event and then he finished whole competition with third, second and first place in last event. We should mention, that legendary Matthew Fraser took part in his preparation for CrossFit Games, which means that probably Justin Medeiros era just began.

Patrick Vellner was second with 1152 points. He started his first event on 35. place, which gave him only 12 points and long journey to title Fittest on the Earth began. It was hard, but he almost did it. He was climbing the table up thanks to his consistency and fought for first place until last event. These Games were probably last for him, but his name will be well known forever.

Brent Fikowski was third. This canadian was on the first place for few events, but unfortunately for him, running is not his strong discipline and Justin Medeiros took his place. Anyway, third place is really nice result for him and second podium position in his career. He fought for third place until the last event, where he went face to face with Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson and was successful.

Single events were interesting as well. Already mentioned wall walks and thrusters were absolutely smashed by Scott Panchik and he showed us his quality one last time. These Games were his last and we will miss his smile and results.

The biggest surprise was probably 21 years old brazilian Guilherme Malheiros, who won 3 events. He showed us really nice show during event 12, where competitors did their best snatch and he did absolutely without problem 305LB (138kg) and won the event. He took 7. place overall.


We witnessed absolute dominance by Tia-Clair Toomey in Women category. She won 9 events and finished competition with huge difference of 256 points between her and second place. She won 1435 points. She started her winning race from first event and then just went for her title really smoothly. Her worst result is single event was 6. place. Tia is without the doubt the best on the planet for couple of years and we can expect much more in the upcoming years.

 Second place went to Hungary. Laura Horvath took silver medal with 1179 points. She won one single event and was really consistent during the whole weekend. She is 24 years old, so she has probably much more in the tank for us.

Fight for third place was really cool until the last event. It was between Iceland queen Annie Thorisdottir, who was pregnant last year at this time, so it was quite hard journey for her and between Kristin Holte. Both went into the last event with same amount of points, so it was really big fight for points. In the end, Annie Thorisdottir was third in event and took third place overall.

Big surprise was 17 years old youngster Mallory O´Brien, who won fourth event. She beat even Tia in this event. Interesting thing is that she could compete in younger category as well, but she wanted to compete with the best. Mallory was seventh, which is probably only beginning of her career.

We could watch some Czech and Slovak competitors as well. Jan Hanak was tenth in Masters 35-39 category. He was around this place for the whole time and could be really proud of himself, because he got his invitation few weeks before the Games and did not expect that he will compete there.

Next great performance showed us slovakian competitor Frantisek Heriban, who was not far away from medal and was sixth overall. He won two events as well. It was really nice show from him and maybe next year will be his final position even better.

There was our ambassador Anna Kremlickova as well, who compete in girls category 14-15 years. It was for sure really nice experience for her. Her best place was tenth in single event. Unfortunately, she got injured during one of the events and can not compete from seventh event anymore. Anyway, she is really young and we can expect from her big things in the future and we will be rooting for her!

CrossFit Games 2021 are over and we are looking forward to next OPEN, which will be interesting and full of surprises for sure.

Author: Martin Pavliš, WORKOUT.EU