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Weightlifting shoes - Workout Warrior, review

Here you can read about the experiences of several weightlifting representatives who tested our Workout Warrior weightlifting shoes.

Review by Viktor Ostrovský, representative of Slovakia in weightlifting

Today I trained in the new Workout Warrior shoes from and as I promised, I am providing some information about them.

It is a shoe design reminiscent of Anta shoes, which are approximately twice as expensive. The manufacturer specifies a heel height of 1.9 cm, which is suitable for weightlifting or strength exercises. The shoes have two fastening straps, somewhat different from Nike Romaleos 2. The shoe is quite flexible in the toe, even though they are still new. As positives, I appreciate the rather nice design similar to Anta 1, shoe stability, non-slip sole, which should be a matter of course, and certainly the price, which is approximately €120.

When choosing the size of the Warrior shoe according to the size of Nike Romaleos 2, the first UK 42 did not fit me, they were too tight, so I decided to go for size UK 43 (8.5), which fits me better, maybe a little loose, but definitely better than size 42. Maybe as one minus, I would mention the shoe insert, but I solved that right away by exchanging my inserts from Romaleos 2. In conclusion, I would say that the shoes meet the characteristics of weightlifting shoes well, but you cannot expect the same feeling as with Nike Romaleos 2 or Anta 1 shoes, which are now essentially unavailable or twice as expensive compared to Workout Warrior shoes!

Hopefully, this review will help you decide on purchasing the Warrior weightlifting shoes.

Viktor ostrovsky

Tomáš Chovanec - Chairman of SZV

The advantage of Workout Warrior shoes is that they have a sufficiently elevated heel and, in comparison with other weightlifting shoes with a high heel in the offer, they are affordable.

Compared to the shoes I had before, the Reebok Crossfit Lifter PR CN4543, it is a considerable difference. The material is harder, therefore firmer, and it has two handles that further multiply the grip and fixation of the foot in the shoe, which is almost immovable. The foot is reinforced, and although the material is harder, it does not press on the foot. Thanks to the higher heel, my mobility has improved, and I can squat deeper than with shoes with a smaller heel.

Since I go into a split, my rear foot does not slip like with previous shoes. I feel a firmer stability in the chair position. I don't mind the higher weight of the shoe because after a week, I was already used to it. It may be a problem for lighter weightlifters or students.

In conclusion, this is not a shoe for complete beginners and students, it is heavy, and the heel is unnecessarily high for them. On the other hand, I think it is also suitable for professional athletes who are not interested in the brand. I highly recommend this shoe to weightlifters / athletes who take weightlifting seriously.

I think that for the price at which they are offered, you will not find better on the market.

Vzpírání Tomáš Chovanec

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    We are pleased that we can introduce you our new weightlifting shoes WORKOUT Warrior. These shoes took the best parts from the Anta 1 and Nike Romaleos 2.Effective heel height is 1,9 cm (0,75 inch).There are two straps, which helps shoes to be really stable and support your whole feet. The size is same like Romaleos 2 or 4.

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