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Battle of Midgard 2022

Third-year of the Battle of Midgard took place on the weekend 11.-12.6.
For the third and first time. For the first time in the outdoor areas of the athletic stadium in Stará Boleslav.

It was really nice to change after the indoor competition and the COVID online version of BOM and the environment was especially beautiful and all athletes enjoyed this competition a lot. If we will add really nice summer weather, great catering, WODs, which lead almost every athlete to pain cave, and great organization, it was really nice experience, which we won’t forget.

The organizing team from the local Open Gym, led by Jirka Holub really made sure, that everything was perfect. One of our ELITE athletes from the Czech republic, Filip Valouch, made the WOD, which tested everyone physically and mentally as well. There were a hundred athletes in Midgard-Mid-Mediterranean (as the locals call their city and not wrongly - historical events can be traced) and in 5 different categories, they all showed amazing performances and deserve respect.

BOM again had a charitable subtext and this year we managed to raise CZK 57,500 on the account To put it bluntly - a great race with great people.

WOD´s Elite

WOD 1:
8 km run

WOD 2:
FT: 5 min time cap
100 m HSW

WOD 3:
Snatch 1RM - 3 x 1 min window with 1 min rest

WOD 4:
FT: time cap 8min
100x heavy DU
80x pistol
60x TTB
40x burpee box jump over

0-7 min
FT: 5-4-3-2-1
Legless rope climb
Clean 100 kg
7-13 min
FT: 1,5 km row

WOD 6:
4x5 min
400 m obstacle run
+20/30/40/50 cal row

0-12 min AMRAP
Thruster 70 kg
bar MU

13-18 min FT:
30x snatch 70 kg

WOD 8:
FT: time cap 5min
42x WB
21x pull up
30x WB
15x pull up
18x WB
9x pull up

WOD´s Sport

WOD 1:
8 km run

WOD 2:
4 min AMRAP
1x rope climb
15x WB

0-8 min AMRAP
8x OHS 50/35 kg
32x DU
9-14 min FT:
30x snatch 50/35 kg

WOD 4:
4x5 min
400 m obstacle run
+10/20/30/40 cal row

WOD 5:
10 min AMRAP
50x lunges 50/35 kg back rack
25x TTB
50x STOH 50/35 kg
25x TTB

WOD 6:
FT: 6 min time cap
2x50 m run
10/9/8/7/6/5x burpee box jump over facing

WOD 7A+B (A: 1K Row, B: Complete Time)
FT: 8 min time cap
1k row
50x thruster 20/15 kg
30x pull up

Celkové výsledky Battle of Midgard - TOP 3

Sport ženy
Anna Krumpholcová Crossfit Steel Wing
Jitka Mrázková Evolution Gym
Gabriela Adamová Crossfit Madman

Sport muži
Jan Ambrož Independent
Daniel Birca JGYM
Josef Nosál Crossfit Madman

Muži sport Master
Petr Bursík P.O.D. gym
Tomáš Walter LifeProGym
Ondřej Malý Crossfit Hradec Králové

Muži Master Elite
Daniel Matejik Crossfit Zlín
Zdeněk Zahálka
Michal Štěpánek P.O.D. gym

Muži Elite

Petr Špaček Los Podolos
Áron Lisý CF Hradec Králové
Adam Zubek Stodola gym