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Jansová Dominika at the European Championship in Lithuania

The European Championship in Lithuania was my last junior race. I started in the weight category up to 63kg. My basic attempts were: squat 115, bench press 77.5 and pull 155. The second attempts were 120, 82.5 and 165. The third attempts in the squat and bench were 125 and 85. but in the end I managed to win the silver medal with the last move (172.5 kg).

Squat is my biggest weakness, so it hit worst. I didn't get any medal for him. Bench-press surprised me. I expected that I would only go the third attempt to 82.5 and that I probably wouldn't make it. Finally, the third attempt went so easily that I had to laugh. I got a small bronze medal.
Thrust is my strongest and most popular discipline. But this time I had to jump a lot (first 10 kg and then 7.5 kg), which I would normally fear. Fortunately, I was able to concentrate enough and, by some miracle, I pulled all three attempts. I have a small silver medal for the move.
I was most pleased by 9 out of 9 valid attempts (I have never done so before) and the fact that I have improved by 22.5 kg since the Czech Championship (less than two months ago)!
It was my best race so far. But it was definitely not perfect, I still have to improve a lot. Plus, I'm going to juniors. There's a crazy competition, so I have to try a lot more.
But that's how it should be :)