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Red Bull - All Ine

Red Bull - All Ine

Last Saturday took place the first obstacle race from Red Bull under the name All In. Thanks to an interesting prize money, the European racing peak was held in Oberstdorf, Germany, to give it a 2.5-kilometer circuit with 15 obstacles.
Some obstacles were mandatory, some in case of failure for handicap. The turnkey was simple, half of the competitors jumped to the semifinals from the first round of the race, after about 50. From the semi-final runs, only 3 fastest racers and 15 lucky loosers (= fastest) from all other races went to the finals. Gladiators represented only Jirka Cimler, who thanks to 4th place in his run ensured a relaxed approach to the semi-finals, but he smoothed the bell and handicapped on one obstacle. That mistake cost him about a minute and a half, which was finally the time he missed the progress between the best to the final. And what was the track and the obstacles themselves? Each wave started under the skipping bridge, so shortly after the start, there was a short, but fast run, which quickly swept the racers. Through the stands he continued to the first unpleasant obstacle of the race. It was the ice flood of the river, which had no honey in the first few moments when the air temperature was around -15 degrees. Frosty and insensitive fingers, many racers had to crash in the dressing room after the race. After this stiffening liner, the redballs on a steep slope climbed to the ball with a ball of string on differently colored rods. The throwing aid had to wrap around the pole, otherwise the attempt was invalid and had to be thrown until success. Mostly it took 1-10 attempts :-) According to the shot color the competitor got a colorful bracelet on the basis of which he passed a memory test at the top of the jumping bridge. There were, in different order, segments of the type of log, stone, sack, or log that he had to remember. Before the last obstacle, he had to put the segments in the order in which they were put on the prepared mark and then return to their place. Really original interconnection of barriers and great innovation and inspiration!

Let's go back to throwing. After successful completion, the lighter racers were waiting for another "interesting" pastime. Draw two heavy bags, hang on a log and take off the shoulders. It sounds simple, but due to the instability of the whole system it waved most of them, as if they were just going out of a big bang. Wearing was the first Swing to win monkey bar composed of ropes and rings. The very simple but target bell was far and high. Here, most of the contestants, who combined with frozen segments and a great winter, had a grip in the swing. The handicap then took about a minute to a half in the snow. On warmth, the organizers prepared a ski jumping range along the side stairs, where everyone reminded that even the frozen calves could hurt. At the top there was a memory test and a lighter version of the stairways to heaven known for example from the Predator Race. The blades were sloping, making it easier for them to catch and fingers not slip. With the prohibition of nail shoes, the discipline itself took place in the arena of the arena and the winding serpentines of many racers thrown off the track.

Below, Bavarian totem climbing with circumference cuts and a memory test waited. The last obstacle was the 30-meter-long monkey bar All In or Nothing, which everyone had only 3 attempts to do, otherwise the race was over. The obstacle included two resting platforms. Beginning was an old well known low rig from the European Championship ending with several circles.
The second section included spinning wheels and pendulums from Urban Sky. The last section was then the event again from the ME, where the competitor had to interrupt the differently bent poles by means of the sound of two circles. Followed by a straight line and a well-deserved drink and medal.

Red Bull has set up a great, fun, colorful and challenging race that will definitely not be lost in the OCR world. What are they going to do next year?

Team Gladiatortraining