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Exercise mats

Mats and abmatas for comfortable exercises.
  • The Eco Mat is ideal for stretching and movement during yoga or other forms of exercise. Made with 20% renewable, biobased materials, in addition to EVA foam, the Eco Mat is eco-friendly, making it a better choice for you and the environment.  

    1 314 Kč
    In Stock
  • The Mobility Mat features 16 foam rolling exericses to be used with TriggerPoint foam rollers and massage balls. The textured, non-slip surface allows a foam roller to glide easily while you hands or feet stay in place.  

    736 Kč
    In Stock
  • -40%

    Take time to stretch, sweat and disconnect. Easily throw this yoga mat over your shoulder on your way to yoga class or solo practice. It has a convenient carry handle and is made of foam cushioning.

    784 Kč discount 314 Kč
    471 Kč
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