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Information about cookies and their use by Zawoko NET s.r.o.

What is a cookie?
"Cookies" files are small text files that are stored on your end device or its memory. These files allow our website to record information about your visit, your browser settings, your preferred language and other information. Your next visit to our website can thus be much faster and more relevant to your interests. Without cookies, browsing our website would be much more difficult. Among other things, these files help us adapt our offer to your needs.

Does the use of cookies threaten my privacy?
The company Zawoko NET s.r.o. always acts in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and the highest ethical standards. We care deeply about the satisfaction of our customers and the satisfaction of our website visitors. For this reason, we consistently take care to protect your privacy. The use of cookie files does not necessarily mean that you provide us with your personal data, but in the event that you provide us with your personal data (e.g. for the reason that we can deliver the ordered products to you), your personal data may be linked with the information contained in the cookie files , but only for the purpose of improving the quality of our offer, which will thus better correspond to your individual interests or needs. Of course, we protect your personal data using the most modern technologies and we only disclose it to other persons or companies to the extent absolutely necessary (e.g. to the carriers who deliver our goods to you). However, in some cases, we may be required by law to provide your personal data.

Can I somehow prevent the storage of cookies on my device?
Yes, you just need to activate the anonymous browsing function in your browser before visiting our site. In such a case, however, it is possible that some parts of our website will not be displayed correctly, it will be more difficult for you to view them, and you will not be able to see the offer of products corresponding to your needs.

What cookies do we use?
We use cookies, for example, to store products in the basket, set the currency, language, etc. We recognize that you have returned and can continue shopping.

How can I find out what personal data Zawoko NET s.r.o. has about me? Can I check their accuracy? Can I revoke my consent to their processing?
Yes, it is enough if you contact our company with any question or request, either through the contact form located on the website, by phone at the phone number +420 775 564 689, or in writing to the address Zawoko NET s.r.o. - David Zahradníček, Souběžná II 475/14 15800 Prague 5.

In case of any dissatisfaction on your part, do not hesitate to contact us at the email address