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The team Workout is at Tokyo Olympic Games as well!

Olympic Games in Tokyo are finally here and our ambassadors will compete there!
How we all know, there was an opening ceremony on 23rd of July and whole world is watching best athletes fighting for their medals.
These Olympic Games are quite special. The year of the games was postponed from 2020 to 2021 and there is still corona virus, which affected many athletes who have to travelled back home or were not even going to olympics because of corona.

But, we have there two ambassadors, who are going to show their qualities to the world and will fight for great results.

First one is Latvian Ritvars Suharevs. He will fight for medal for sure in category under 81kg and his competition will start on 31st of July at 4:50 SELČ.
His category is really strong, but Ritvars want medal for sure. His bigger opponents will be Lu Xiaojun from China and Ninno Pizzolato from Italy.

Our next ambassador who will compete there is Jiri Orsag. There Olympic Games are third in a row for him and he is well known.
He will compete in super heavy category +109kg and his category will take place on August 3 at 6:50 AM SELČ.
Jiri will want for sure season best in snatch and clean and jerk and we can’t wait to see that!
There will be legendary Talakhadze Lasha in his category as well. This guy will try to set new world record for sure and maybe, we will see 500kg for the first time in the history of weightlifting.

Both competitions will be stunning and we will be rooting for our ambassadors!

Martin Pavliš