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Ladislav Pliska (* 2. 9. 1958)

Ladislav Pliska
  • he started weightlifting in the weightlifting section in Litovel, as a junior he moved to the weightlifting section in Šumperk, where he persisted to this day
  • participated in competitions as junior, over time he moved to the category of men and now to the category Masters (veterans)
  • regularly ranks among the top veteran competitions, currently (October 2019) holds Czech records in its category; both in the market, the pitch, and the double
  • besides his own competitions, he is involved in training young weightlifters, for many of them a role model
  • most recent achievements:
    2018 - 2nd place in the World Masters Championship, 2nd place in the European Masters Championship
    2019 - 1st place in the Czech Masters Championship, Grandmaster title = best performance at the Czech Masters Championship in its age category regardless of body weight.