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This year's first race

On 25.1.2020 was held 28. Open Championship of Czech Republic in powerlifting youth, juniors and masters, EQ.
I competed in junior category up to - 72 kg. In this competition, I broke a total of 5 national records, both junior and open division. In addition, I also called the biggest lifted weight on the squat across all weight categories. My performance squat 210 kg NR (junior and open), bench 125.5 kg NR (junior and open), deadlift 150 kg in total 485.5 kg NR (junior).
I consider the races as very successful and I feel great form, the race was nominated for the European Championship in Denmark, which will take place in May.

This year's second race

On February 15, 2020, I and my team participated in the 1st Western Bohemia Championship in classic powerlifting.
It was quite unplanned races, when I was only a substitute, without any preparation. So it was a RAW race, which is not my main priority, but I still showed an impressive performance. Squat 155,5 kg NR (junior and open), bench 80 kg, deadlift 145 kg, total 480,5kg. At the moment, I'm the only woman holding an open record squatting both RAW and EQ. In the end, my team won 5th place and secured qualification for the Czech Team Championship in Prague in May.

Tereza Herrmannová