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Predator Race

The last race in the Predator Race series

This year's racing OCR season is slowly but surely coming to an end, and the Kralupy Gladiators have been waiting for the last race of the PredatorRace series last weekend. On Sunday, November 11, 2018, there were about twenty competitors in Far Brno where the easiest of the Predator Run races took place.

Although the symbolic date according to the pranos predicted snow, Martin did not arrive on a white horse, and the weather was ideal for the obstacle course. The race was part of the LIFE! Fair and that is why the entire route led to the Brno Exhibition Center. Although the track was shorter than the typical Predator Run, the organizers suffered more than 12 hurdles. There were usual hurdles such as rope climbing, parkour and / or target waves, but this year's new Hexagon, which we saw for the first time in the Klinovec races, was also seen.

Gladiators have worked hard all year long and their work has paid off. Valuable metals were taken across categories. She was the best in the ELITE category, Vendula Soukupová, where she ranked second in the 2nd place. In category OPEN, it doubled twice. Pavel Růžek won 3rd place among men and as a team Gladiators won 3rd overall.

Now there will be a short racing pause, but that does not mean that the Gladiators will miss. He has to train hard. After all, the last weekend of January is a Predator Winter weekend in Klinovec. Will they be successful again and bring some medals? Let's be surprised.