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A new record - our northernmost customer.

We are sending orders to the Spitsbergen as well!

We have recorded quite a big grow of international orders since start of the year, but in February happened something really special. We have received an order from customer, who is living on the Spitsbergen Islands.
Funny thing is, that on the Spitsbergen Islands are inhabited only 3 from 9 islands and because of that is this whole situation so special.

The Spitsbergen are part of the Norwegian kingdom.

We can see on this situation, that sports like weightlifting, power lifting or CrossFit are becoming really popular and you can do them everywhere in the world!

It does not matter, that you are living at the Maldives or on the Spitsbergen islands. You can do that everywhere!

Our customer is Operating Manager for the Global seed vault and other buildings and he is doing normal things like snowmobiling and outdoors adventures.

He decided, that he will build his own gym, which will be probably only gym on the whole island.

He said to us, that it is really hard to get any equipment at these days on his Island and some shops are not even sending orders there.

We sent him damping blocks, wall ball, some apparel and much more.

The weight of the order was over 40 kilograms and we have to separate that into two boxes.

Delivery company DHL delivered that in 2 days time, what is absolutely amazing time for such a long distance.