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The CrossFit Gathering of Eastern European Boxes is Over and We Were There!

Last Saturday, October 21st, the CrossFit Gathering was held for owners of CrossFit boxes from all over Eastern Europe at CrossFit Proton in Bratislava, and we are very glad that we could be partners of this meeting.

About 40 box owners along with their companions attended the meeting, which had a packed agenda.

CrossFit Gathering - WORKOUT.EU

The participants enjoyed a lecture by Palo Červenka, the owner of CrossFit Proton, as well as a presentation by Dora Štenclová, who coordinates all the boxes in Eastern Europe, another talk was given by Michal Pavelka, one of the main coaches at CrossFit Proton, and to conclude the day, the owner of CrossFit B’Bross from Budapest, Zsolt Soti, also gave a lecture.
At the end of the event, there was a communal Workout and pleasant refreshments for the participants.

Partners of this gathering included other brands such as FitAid or Northern Spirit.

We greatly appreciate that we could be a part of this meeting and had the opportunity to present our brand further in Europe.

We look forward to seeing you again next time!