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Is really Nike Metcon 7 the best CrossFit shoe in the world?

metcon 7 review

Yes, it is!! BUT…

Hello, I am Filip Trojovsky and I am doing Crossfit for more than 7 years. I tried many CrossFit shoes during that time from every Reebok Nano to Nike Metcon. And I had a chance to try the new CrossFit shoe of this year CrossFit Games 2021, Nobull CrossFit Trainer as well.

I tried almost every CrossFit exercise which you can perform in training and competitions during the last 14 days in the new Nike Metcon 7.
I went for shorter runs, longer runs, did some rope climbing, climbed pegboard, or performed some double unders.
The biggest difference is when you are doing rope climbing because the new Nike Metcon 7 has a higher rubber part and thein grip is absolutely great! HSPU are much better thanks to wider and more reinforced heels.

And finally, someone in Nike realized that the laces could be untied during double unders, so there is the special part that works with velcro and it ties your already tightened laces.
The next thing is weightlifting in these shoes.
How I already mentioned before, a wider and more reinforced heel helps a lot with your stability during every kind of lift, so if you are going for something lighter during workouts or for Olympic weightlifting, you will feel much better. But there is one thing I regret and it is that there is no additional heel like was in previous models, but I used my old additional heel from Metcon 6.

But, where is that BUT?
We can see, that people from Nike worked together on these shoes with the best CrossFit on the earth Matt Fraser, because of that, the design is absolutely different from previous models and some people do not have to like it. But what I have to say is that this shoe is absolutely functional and tuned to the last detail.
The only thing that you will feel is that this shoe is harder than the previous one during running. It is okay during shorter runs, but I felt that during 30 minutes long runs.
Anyway, we all have special running shoes, so it is not a big deal.

So, I will give them 100%.

PS: When I was in these shoes for the last few days and walked over 10km every day, I did not feel any difference and it was not even harder.

Filip Trojovsky
CrossFit Destiny.

Filip Trojovsky is one of the best Czech CrossFiters who competed in the Czech Republic and in many competitions in the World as well.
He has many experiences in the world of CrossFit, so we gave him this shoe and he wrote a review for us.