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CrossFit CZSK Affiliate Gathering

The first official CrossFit CZSK Affiliate Gathering took place in Prague and we were part of it!

The first CrossFit CZ/SK Affiliate Gathering took place on September 28th on St. Wenceslas Day at CrossFit South.
Together with the brands Northern Spirit and Nocco, we were the main partners.
We are very happy that we could be a part of such an event because we have been cooperating with a large number of Czech and Slovak boxes for many years and we try to help develop CrossFit as much as possible.

Most of the owners of CrossFit boxes from the Czech Republic and Slovakia gathered at the Gathering.
In total, 21 CrossFit boxes from the Czech Republic and Slovakia were represented here.
They were awaited by several presentations on how, for example, to advance work with clients or conduct lessons.

For example, Daniel Chaffey, who is one of the leading figures of European CrossFit and the owner of CrossFit Louvre, and the founder of one of the largest European competitions - French Throwdown, gave a lecture at the meeting.
Dora Štenclová, who is in charge of Czechoslovak CrossFit, also lectured here.
We believe that all participants enjoyed the event and we look forward to being partners again on the next occasion.