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Fit Effect Loglift Cup, April 1, 2023

In the midst of summer with numerous outdoor sporting events taking place, let's take a look back to spring when the "strongman season" was officially opened in Kladno at the FitEffect Kladno. This event was part of the second annual Loglift Cup organized by the "Movember trap bar cup" team.

Even before the date was announced, we received numerous messages asking when the Loglift Cup would take place. Once the applications were announced, the competition was filled practically overnight, which was very pleasing to us. The huge interest showed that loglifting is a very popular discipline in strongman sport. In total, 103 competitors participated, including 14 women, 7 masters (over 40 years old), 8 juniors under 18, and 11 juniors under 23. Over 120 competitors registered in total, and even though some had to withdraw due to injury, work obligations, or other events, there were always replacements ready to compete.

The event was not only about athletic performance but also about supporting the idea of "Lift and Help", with the proceeds going to the Men Against Cancer foundation. This year, we managed to donate a handsome sum of 30,000 CZK from this event, which the organizers, the Beranovi couple, consider a success.

The competition itself was once again in the "Last Man Standing" format, which means that the competitors lift until only the last person capable of lifting the highest weight remains. This format is exciting for both spectators and competitors, requiring some strategic planning, skipping weights, and maintaining constant concentration.

A total of 103 competitors participated in 9 categories. The women's category was about setting top performances for each weight category. In the juniors up to 23 years category, the competitors fought for the world record in this age category, and thanks to the large turnout, also aimed at pushing the Czech record. In the masters category, many were curious to see what Jirka Vytiska, the long-time holder of the Czech record in loglifting, would present. And in the up to 105 kg category, Jára Šťastný attempted to break Jan Gruszka's record. Besides these top performances, many competitors came to surpass themselves and support the idea of "Lift and Help".

The competitions are truly unique in that they bring together strongmen of various performance levels, powerlifters, bodybuilders, and ordinary people who love sports and want to help at this charity competition. There is a great atmosphere, friendship, and mutual support, which this year's competition once again proved. Although in some categories, the competition was truly intense! However, we must admit that this number was the maximum we could manage, and there were a few confusions, for which we apologize. It's a warning for future years to communicate some things in advance and set starting weights for the first attempt well in advance. Despite this, we have received many positive feedback, which makes us very happy and gives us a reason to organize these competitions.

And how did it turn out?

A lot of amazing performances were recorded, and it's unbelievable how the overall performance level has improved in just a year. The most anticipated category, juniors up to 23 years, offered a spectacular battle between the fighters from Brno - Lukáš Pepřa, the winner of the first edition, and Ondra Fojtů. It was indeed quite a suspenseful showdown. In the end, the younger of the fighters, Ondra Fojtů, rejoiced and set a new Czech record and also the Junior World record up to 23 years at an incredible 206.1 kg.

In the Masters category, seven brave participants battled it out, with a beautiful duel between Jirka Výtiska and Bedřich Joachym, both lifting 140 kg. They then very friendly and gentlemanly agreed that if there had to be one winner, it would be Jirka Výtiska. Additionally, there were two complete beginners in this category who had started training just three months before the competition. This effort deserves a big applause. They, the Jardas, know it very well.

The next interesting and the most populous category was the under 105 kg. Here, Jára Šťastný was the clear winner, successfully lifting 170.9 kg, thus setting the best performance in this weight category in the Czech Republic.

Indeed, the winners of the other categories also demonstrated incredible results. In juniors under 18, Matyáš Funiok shone with 160 kg, which he easily lifted above his head. In the under 80 kg category, last year's winner Ondra Šoukal successfully attempted 130 kg. The under 90 kg category was won by Lukáš Váňa, who managed 145 kg. In the categories of heavier competitors, Radek Srb won the under 125 kg category with a valid attempt of 160 kg, and the open category was decisively won by another member of the Brno stable SPC gym, Tomáš Sikora, with a successful attempt of 185 kg.

This year's competition finally attracted women as well, with 14 competitors from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The winner was Kristýna Kohoutová from Brno, with a respectable and valid attempt of 80 kg. The women made the competition absolutely the best! The support and mutual motivation, advice in the backstage, was something unprecedented!

All category winners received beautiful prizes from the traditional partner,

"We would like to thank very much for their support of our competitions. We really appreciate it. We are really happy that you support even smaller sports and events, which not only have a sporting touch but also help someone else. Once again, thank you very much."

And what message does the organizing team have for you, the readers?

"If you also want to support the 'Lift and Help' initiative, follow our Instagram and start slowly training with the trap bar, which is relatively simpler in technique and is more widely available in gyms. You can already look forward to the third edition of the Trapbarcup in Kladno in November!
But above all, do sports and do what you enjoy! Movement should simply be for joy."