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Predator race 2019 - winter

The start of the OCR season has come out to the Kralupy Gladiators for an excellent

Kralupští Gladiators even after a successful season in 2018 saved hibernation and honestly outdoors in gymu preparing to start the new one, which unlike other sports almost follows the end of the previous one. The first review was Winter PredatorRace in the Ore Mountains, which was held this weekend. On Saturday he ran longer Brutal (12 km and 25 obstacles) and on Sunday shorter Drill (6 km and 20 breaks). Rumors of rich snowflakes have been confirmed and, thanks to intense nightfall, the first obstacle to getting to the very start of the race. Finally, due to the collapse of traffic, all the starts had to be shifted for about an hour, as the Eduard biathlon camp was empty at the start time of the elite wave. Most of the contestants were chained, stuck with a car in the Jáchymov hill, or walked on foot instead of waiting for unbearable pickup buses.

The race in the most brutal form was enjoyed by the elite wave where we had just 5 racers. The whole track had to be traversed, and rather than running, the race resembled a polar expedition. Temperature deep below zero, snow, deep heavy snow and frozen obstacles. Thanks to iceberg, some barbell hurdles, which would not be a problem for elitists, were promoted from "it's lethargic" to "where the handicap is." Evidence is the times of the best elite racers who ran around 2 hours on the 12 km track. On the track, competitors had to overcome the classic overflowing of high walls, ringing on the circles, wooden pears, steel rods, finishing megavlny, a new obstacle known from the European series - flyingmonkey. The competitor must jump on the steel pole, swing in a dream and fly over to another approximately a meter and a half a distance. All this with the help of hands. The obstacle is not only coordination but also the courage and disengagement of the self-preservation. Some of the obstacles had the so-called Fast and Slow line. Fast line was a faster and more demanding version of the obstacle, Slowline was a longer but lighter option. An example is Flyingmonkey, which was taken as Fast line. If she competitor nezdolal or tried, had a chance to Slow line, which was comprised of a long ladder hand over hand on the subsequent combination with a 20-meter crawling under the net. When a rider failed to score, he had to have a handicap in the form of crayfish and then under the net.

2019 predator race - winter

Saturday's start was great, but no one knew that the Gladiators had left the best on Sunday. The shorter Drille track was much more enjoyable for elite wrestlers, as some passages were identical to the Saturday race, so replacing the route in deep snow has replaced the run in a hard, troughed stream. Totally different race. Even for the first wave there was no honey. It was snowing from Saturday to Sunday, the new passage of the route had to be traversed again, obstacles to defrost and to slacken, the snow-covered channel again stretched. On short races, they usually decide to rank among the best little things. This was also true here. Who, for example, managed to throw balls at the target or shooting from a small-bore rifle shooting range for biathlon, gained precious seconds extra, which capitalized for a small gap and detachment from rivals.

The glamorous Pavel Růžek, who celebrates his premiere trump card at ELITE, captured the sensational but deserved victory in the elite category. TOP10 was backed by Jirka Cimler's 6th place. Vojta Růžek and Mirek Vopasek finished again with minimal loss, but again it was second in teams. This time, for the winning Tantrum Monster, was missing 18 seconds. For another great success he was missing even in elite women. For several years, Vendy Soukupová tasted an imaginary potato medal. Gentle gladiators, but the podium did not even come today. In the OPEN category, she climbed to the silver position of Petra Nová and with her great performance she underlined this great hasty racing weekend.

After the Sunday Drille, the children's race followed. The Gladiators also had a large presence, and with three Kralupy hopes he managed to place the winners on the podium. In the category of girls 12-13 years she took 2nd place Anička Čechurová, Adam Vacek captured the boys. Sebastian Hart has won the boys for 10-11 years.

Predator race 2019 - winter

Not only were the best kralupáci seen. The snow racing corridor was swept by 24 representatives of GladiatorsTraining on Saturday, 41 on Sunday. They all fought and successfully overcame all the pitfalls of the track and helped to complete the club's great representation.

The Predators also announced the overall ranking of the racers who participated in both races - the so-called Winter Weekend. In ELITE Pavel Růžek finished third, Vojta Růžek and Jirka Cimler finished in TOP 10. In women, Vendy Soukupová has already finished for the 4th place. In OPEN, only Petra Nova entered the TOP10. Several Gladiators have also won the qualifiers for this year's European OCR Championship in Poland. We have the chance to send racers to the most prestigious ELITE category where they can compete face to face with the best OCR athletes in Europe. Who of the four Pavel Růžek, Vojta Růžek, Jirka Cimler and Vendy Soukupová will use this unique opportunity?