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National Championship in weightlifting in the Czech Republic

The national championship in weightlifting is over and we are really happy that we were part of it.
We attended the National Championship in weightlifting last week which took part in Prague at the Olymp training center.

We could see the best women and men from the Czech Republic.
There were some really nice results from competitors and we could see there for example Jiri Orsag, Petr Marecek or Petr Petrov.
There were set many national records as well.
We are really happy, that we could attend and support this Championship like we are doing for many years now. We cooperate with the Czech national team and got an invitation from them.
We were there with our stand and people could try the best lifting shoes in our offers like Antas, Romaleos 4, Romaleos 4, Legacy Lifters, and much more.
We always love to see everyone from Czech weightlifting and we are really happy that we can support its growth!
It was a pleasure to be there.

The best result base on Sinclair's points did Jiri Orsag with 421,7230 points.
The second was Petr Mareček with 392,9361 points and the third was Petr Petrov with 387,5400 points.

Jiri Orsag lifted in his category 109+ kg 180 kg in Snatch and 235 kg in clean and jerk and won without a problem. He is going to World Championship in December and we will be rooting for him!

Petr Mareček lifted 148 kg in Snatch and 173 kg in Clean and Jerk, which is really awesome!

Petr Petrov lifted 135 kg in Snatch and 165 kg in Clean and Jerk.

We saw some national records in the women's category.
One of them did Patricia Jezkova with 78 kg in Snatch in the 59 kg category.
Another was set by Eliška Malcharczikova in the same weight category and in U20 with 94 kg in clean and jerk and 171 kg in total.
Another new national record holder is 16 years old Natalie Vybíralová, who lifted 73 kg in Snatch and 88 kg in clean and jerk.
She lifted both in the U71 kg category.

Other national records were set by Pavlina šeda in the Junior category in the U87kg category.
She lifted 81 kg in Snatch and set a new national record.

This National championship was great and we are really happy that we were there!