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We are a weightlifting shop and can offer you everything for your training. We have a wide range of weightlifting shoes, bandages for every part of your body, weightlifting belts, singlets, accessories, patches, and much more. We have exclusive products like Nike Romaleos 4, Anta weightlifting shoes, or Spyder weightlifting shoes. You can visit us in the heart of Europe in Prague.

Weightlifting shoes

weightlifting shoes
We have a wide range of weightlifting shoes. You will find shoes for yourself even if you are a beginner or professional weightlifter. We can offer you shoes like Nike Romaleos 2, Nike Romaleos 4, Anta, Spyder, Reebok Legacy Lifter, or WORKOUT II.

Bandages for weightlifting

We have bandages for every part of your body. We can offer you shin protective sleeves, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, elbow bandages, or shoulder bandages. We have everything from one of the best brands - Rehband. There are brands like WORKOUT, PICSIL, or THORNFIT as well.

Weightlifting belts


The best weightlifting belts, which will help you to achieve great results. Big quality Rehband belt, Bear Komplex, Workout or Picsil. You can go for whatever you want and we can guarantee you great quality!

Singlets for weightlifting

singlets and suits

Singlets for beginners who are going for their first competition or singlets for professionals, who needs the best product. You can find everything here.

Accessories (magnesium, straps, ...) for weightlifting

for weightlifting

Weightlifting accessories, which are necessary for every weightlifter. We can offer you magnesium, which will help your grip, straps for your training sessions, big bags, and backpacks from different brands, foam rollers that will help you activate your muscles, a lot of free weights like kettlebells, dumbbells, plates, or Olympic bars and much more. The full offer is here

Exclusive weightlifting products (t-shirt, patches,...)

We have exclusive products, which you will find only in few shops in the world. Limited editions of weightlifting t-shirts, special products like patches, which will personalize your equipment, or funny socks. You can find everything here.