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Fitness backpack review - Bear Complex Military Backpack

Even in this rather difficult COVID-19 time, we took the time to decide to introduce you to one of the best backpacks (if not the best) that have passed through our hands for a long time. In this review, we will introduce you to the Bear Complex Military Backpack and also the version of the Bear Complex Military Backpack Mini (pictured below on the left), which is identical, only relatively smaller.

Bear Komplex Military Backpack + mini

The BKX Military Backpack is one of the more expensive ones, and therefore it must offer customers significantly more in order for the price to match the benefit. Let us remind you that the recommended price of the BKX Military backpack is CZK 4,160 (or CZK 3,680 for the Mini version). This is the price that corresponds to the best fitness backpacks on the market. From the competition, let's remember the Reebok TRAINING WEAVE BP R4C backpack or the King Kong II backpack.

Přední část batoh Bear Komplex Military

Let's start by making a backpack. The backpack is sewn from high-quality 1000D nylon and is sewn really well. No flaming threads, everything holds firmly and the backpack gives the impression that it will last a really long and long time. At the top you will see a very strong handle. Zippers are very high quality and have protection against rain penetration. You don't have to worry about your things even in a storm. Each zipper on the backpack has an eyelet at the end, which can be conveniently and quickly taken and the zipper unzipped. A small detail that will please.

Horní část batoh Bear Komplex Military

When viewed from the front, you will see three pockets for small things on the backpack (clearly visible from the introductory picture). The upper and lower pockets have sewn-in Velcro (hair) for placing your patches, so that you can personalize the backpack and adjust the backpack to your liking. We will be happy to help you with patches and you can order them to measure here.
Bear Kompelx Military backpack side 1

On one side of the backpack is a pocket for small things with the MOLLE system (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment - for modular equipment developed for the US military) for possible hanging of accessories, on the other side is a bottle pocket.

Bear Komplex Military Backpack side 2

On one side of the backpack is a pocket for small things with the MOLLE system (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment - for modular equipment developed for the US military) for possible hanging of accessories, on the other side is a bottle pocket.

What's great about the backpack is the bottom shoe pocket, which is cleverly placed on the bottom of the backpack. It uses the same system that you know from some fitness bags, ie after opening the bottom pocket, you will come across a thin, durable polyester fabric that separates the space for shoes and the inside of the backpack.

So you don't have to worry about getting other things in your backpack with dirty shoes. If you do not have any shoes in your backpack, the fabric will not limit the interior space in any way. Excellent and practical solution. However, the makers of the backpack went further and really thought about the backpack. When you look at the bottom of the backpack from the front (the first two pictures in the article), you will see a perforated fabric that is there just to ventilate the shoe compartment so that sweaty shoes can ventilate inside the backpack. Sophisticated and practical solution.

Shoes Metcon Militarz Backpack BRK

The last part to the description is the inside of the backpack. As I wrote this review and researched the backpack, I realized how great the backpack is because of the easy access to all things. In one movement, you open the main zipper, which winds around the entire backpack except for the lower part, and you open the entire front part. So you don't have to dig in your backpack like in a sack, but you can see everything right away and you can also organize your things much better. I would expect such or a similar system for all better backpacks, where you plan to carry more bulky things. It's fast and extremely convenient.

But not to praise. The backpack has four buckles that connect the front and side. These buckles do not need to be fastened, but when they are fastened, you strengthen the shape of the backpack. However, when they are turned on, it is no longer possible to open the backpack. Personally, I don't think this solution is completely happy. The good thing is that you don't have to fasten the buckles if this small restriction bothers you.

Let's go back to the inside of this backpack. After opening the front part, you will see two pockets on the folded part (one full, one mesh). Inside the backpack you will again find the MOLLE system, which you can use to hang accessories. There is a velcro surface on the top and on the sides. While you can hang it on this velcro at the top for accessories / accessories, there is a central pocket on the sides to attach it. With this central pocket, you can clearly divide the space or, conversely, give it away if it does not suit you. Thanks to the velcro on the sides, this inner pocket holds very firmly and divides the inner space reliably.

What to say in conclusion? Personally, my Bear Complex Military Backpack comes in great. Durable, practical, clear, adjustable and very well thought out. I would buy a smaller version of the Mini for myself, which is enough for me. The larger version is for athletes who will carry more in the backpack (for example, equipment such as a roller, more shoe-weighters, bandages, etc.). If you are carrying backpacks and you will be at the WORKOUT store in Prague, recommend.

Bear Komplex Backpack Mini and Standart

Backpacks Bear Komplex Military you can view / buy in our WORKOUT store, or online WORKOUT.EU.