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Filip Kulštrunk

Filip Kulstrunk

  • CrossFit Trainer Level 1
  • Les Mills International Presenter and Master Trainer
  • TRX Instructor Certificate
  • Functional Training Certification

Filip is the founder of CrossFit Kladno and a long-term ambassador for a healthy lifestyle. He has been active in sports and fitness since childhood and has many years of experience both in the Czech Republic and abroad, where he has worked for a long time. His greatest passion and success is his active status as an international promoter and master trainer for the worldwide popular Les Mills fitness programs, which he regularly teaches, presents and trains new instructors. CrossFit is an excellent training program for him, which keeps not only himself but also the visitors of his lessons in top physical and mental condition.

Where can you meet Filip everywhere?
Filip is a really energetic person and he goes all the way. He is currently working on On Ramp courses and training (as owner) in CrossFit Kladno. You can also see it at the nearby Fit Effect fitness center, where he has led and sometimes leads Les Mills lessons and also oversees the overall running of the club. At the same time, he takes care of the operation of CrossFit Meat Factory, of which he is co-owner. It is a premium CrossFit Box in Karlin, Prague 8, which offers the richest schedule of lessons in Prague. Together with his team of instructors, he teaches Les Mills lessons here. We will bring a separate article about CrossFit Meat Factory in the future. And believe me, you have something to look forward to.

Hi Philip, the usual question to start with. How long have you been doing sports? And What were your beginnings?
Hi Honza, I've always had a positive attitude to sports. I played football and floorball as a kid. (With the team Tatran Stresovice, he became the junior vice-champion of the Czech Republic. author's note ). In 2003 I left floorball and went to England to study. There I started to do martial arts, I got to a very high level in the capoeira combat system, I also did some karate and kickboxing.
Later I got to know Les Mills, went to Sweden and became a master trainer and a trainer from Les Mills for Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.

To get you started, I’ll unpack a series of quick questions about exercise, let’s:
Most Popular Exercise?
....... ( Reflection ) In general, I am inclined to do more frequency exercise. More reps with less weight is what I enjoy. So for me the favorite exercises are oar, thrusters, wallball.
I hate Bulgarian squats, although I know it's a great leg exercise.

The first thing you can think of when you say CrossFit?

Personal Designs:
I don't have a personal design that I want to be like someone else. They inspire me and I respect the way people behave, how they have access to others and to life in general. One of our coaches at CrossFit Kladno has my great respect, trust and maximum support - he started at our reception and with hard, honest work, patience and friendly characteristics he built up, in my opinion, one of the best coaches I know. But I'm not going to say which, because it might make it too fast. ( Laughter)

Together we agreed that this article is dedicated to the Les Mills exercise system. What does it mean to you and what did Les Mills address you?
For me, Les Mills is (and has always meant) the most effective way to reach the widest possible range of people and build a positive attitude to fitness. It depends on what path they choose, but thanks to Les Mills I can reach people and bring them to the fitness world very easily. At the same time create in them a positive habit of exercise. Les Mills is such a "Mecek" in the fitness world. It's really for everyone. Even a beginner can do it. This is because the exercises are modified in Les Mills lessons. They are only made up to approximately 80% of the maximum range and with little or no load. Basically, 20% of the exercise is sacrificed at the expense of security. By practicing with people to a lesser extent, we are not in areas where there is a risk of injury. At the same time, we do not run into problems with the limited mobility that is typical for beginners. Once one gets into the exercise, moves and finds that he enjoys it and wants to continue, he can further specialize, develop and deepen his skills, add stress, use heavier variations to do the exercises. he is attracted to weightlifting, crossfit or bodybuilding, it doesn't matter. What is important is that he will do something for his health, well-being and well-being, and that will make him a better person not only for himself but also for his surroundings.

What is Les Mills (LM)?
Les Mills is the world's largest fitness company providing innovative group exercise solutions. For over 20 years, he has created original exercise programs that are used by 18.5 thousand fitness clubs in 90 countries around the world. Currently, there are 150,000 Les Mills instructors in the world and millions of people keep themselves in good health and fitness. Les Mills programs are designed for everyone. They are based on innovative exercises combined with great, motivational music, certified instructors, safety regulations and research, so they are not only effective but also very safe. The total of 20 Les Mills programs include Bodypump, Bodycombat, Bodybalance, Grit. To keep the workout attractive and constantly shifting the physical capabilities of clients, Les Mills refreshes their programs every three months by changing choreography and music, so you'll never get bored!

Filip Kulštrunk

Which parts of the body are most stressed by this exercise?
Well, this is a difficult question that cannot be unequivocally answered. Much depends on the program you choose. Each program is designed in a slightly different way. If you really want one of the body parts that gets the most from me. It's probably a cardiovascular system.
Les Mills is generally an intense workout that sweats, burns fat, and paints the body. Fitness is mostly trained and you burn a lot of calories during exercise.

What do you see the biggest pluses of Les Mills exercises that will convince people to choose this one of all forms of exercise?
There are many of them. For example:
- Entertainment: You are always in motion, dynamic music plays, motivated by an instructor, other people around you. You just don't get bored.
- Continuous Innovation: Exercise systems are changed every 3 months and there is always something new.
- Quality Programs: Les Mills is a gigantic global complex with a number of specialists who develop great exercise programs with the most up-to-date sports knowledge.
- It's for everyone: Les Mills is a great start for those who want to start exercising. It's a simple and safe sport. at the same time, they will see the results of their efforts very quickly.

Filipe, as a successful coach of Les Mills and Crossfit coach lvl. 1 you have a unique opportunity to compare these two exercise systems. Where do you see the biggest differences (advantages / disadvantages)?
Ideally I would recommend both to everyone! (laughs) But if I take it in more detail, it always depends on what you expect from the exercise and exactly what you want.

We've already said a lot. Les Mills is really very versatile and great to start with when you don't know what to try or don't know. Many people looking for a way to start exercising have a problem with their heads. They are ashamed, have prejudices and so on. Les Mills is perfect for that. The lessons always meet a great group of people, exercise is fun and dynamic.
That doesn't mean that Les Mills is just for beginners, not at all. Les Mills has a huge range of health, fitness and wellbeing benefits. On the contrary, I can only recommend this system to professionals and advanced as a supplement to their main sport. For example, Les Mills Grit® is absolutely perfect for advanced athletes.
CrossFit, unlike Les Mills, goes more deeply into individual exercises and disciplines. More attention is paid to technology and design, CrossFit is generally quite technically demanding. There are more exercises and skills in CrossFit, and we also work with significantly more weights. The difference is that CrossFit training is different every day. At Les Mills, you have been running one lineup for 3 months before the change comes.

So each system has its own positives and unique aspects. I would recommend everyone to try these concepts. After some time and self-reflection, or consultation with experts, he chose his own way based on what exactly he wants to achieve, what time he has and, above all, what he will enjoy and fulfill in the long term.

About autor:
Ing. Jan Nohejl - Product Specialist in CrossFit and Weight Lifting. He has been living sports all his life, he started as a floorball player and through martial arts he got to strength gymnastics. He has been engaged in strength sports for over 5 years, and thus draws on his own experience. Motto: "Success never comes to those who quit."