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Adala Rybova at the World Functional Fitness Championships 2019

This year's World Functional Fitness Championship was held in Malmö, Sweden. It was the 3rd year of this international competition, whose goal is to get among the Olympic sports. 33 individual women, 42 men and 12 teams competed among themselves. We had 6 clearly defined tests, which were divided into 3 racing days. So there were 2 tests every day.

Briefing of athletes took place the previous day. All the staff and people who took care of us were so nice and helpful!

The first test for individual athletes was “Aerobic Capacity”, which consisted of 5x 3 minutes AMRAP (there was a 1 minute pause between the amraps):

250 / 200m RUN on Air Runner
20/15 cal Ski Erg
+ max DU’s

The result consisted of a total of DU’s and with my result of 257 reps, I finished 24th.

After a five-hour pause, test 2 - “Strength” followed.
The workout was built only from Overhead Squats from Ground:

Time cap 2 minutes
5x 80/55 kg
4x 87.5 / 60 kg
3x 95/65 kg

In my heat we started together with our other Czech representative Katie Lízlerová, with whom we finished last in the racing field. The atmosphere was indescribable. All the other athletes stood around us and supported us. Both the commentator and the audience gave us all their energy and attention. In the end we both finished and pressed the Finish Buzzer. In this test I won 26th place.
This round was evaluated. Then the 10 fastest athletes advanced to the semifinals (with higher weights) and finished the third round (with higher weights again). But the last two rounds of the workout were in the late evening, so the Czech team went to regenerate and draw strength for the next two days of the race.

The second day started with the “Bodyweight” test, which had a Time Cap of 20 minutes. The workout consisted of:

45 Handstand Push-Ups
100 Air Squats
30 Handstand Push-Ups 20/10 cm Deficiency
7 Rope Climbs (4.5m)
100 Air Squats
15 Handstand Push-Ups with 30/20 cm deficiency

I was most afraid at this workout that my thighs would burn on my squats. The opposite was true. Most left the top, especially the shoulders. Despite the fact that I tried the test in several variants and I do not have a big problem with HSPU, the repetitions added up and my hands were tired. All in all, I had good breaks, so I got “just” one no rep at HSPU deficits. I didn't feel my legs at all. I ended up in 27th place in this test.

Before the start of the 4th test, a ceremony was held where all the athletes with their national flags took part. I was lucky enough to carry our Czech one. Indescribable feeling!

4. the test was defined as "Skills". Although it was a time test, most athletes failed to complete it in Time Cap. Skills Test passed:

1x Kettlebell Get-Up - L (40/28 kg)
1x Kettlebell Get-Up - P
2x Trapeze (1 Bar Pull Over + 1 Toes to Bar + 1 Chest to Bar) + 1 Bar Muscle Up)
3m Handstand Walk with 360 ° turn to center left
3m Handstand Walk with 360 ° turn to center right
2x Kettlebell Get-Up - L (40 / 28 kg)
2x Kettlebell Get-Up - P
4x Trapeze (1 Bar Pull Over + 1 Toes to Bar + 1 Chest to Bar + 1 Bar Muscle Up)
6m Handstand Walk with 360 ° turn to the left center
6m Handstand Walk with 360 ° turn to the right center
3x Kettlebell Get-Up - L (40/28 kg)
3x Kettlebell Get-Up - P
6x Trapeze Complex (1 Bar Pull Over + 1 Toes to Bar + 1 Chest to Bar + 1 Muscle Up)
9m Handstand Walk with 360 ° turn to center left
9m Handstand Walk with 360 ° turn to the right side in the middle

Personally, I flew through the first lap until I wondered how great it was! I was in the lead in my heat, but on the other Kettlebell Get-Ups he started loosening my left elbow. After all, only 28 kg is a little weight. I got about 5 no beet, but I stayed calm, extended the pause and went on fighting. Finally, I successfully completed the second Kettlebell Get-Ups and got on the horizontal bar for the second time. I managed to make 2 complexes and got 20th place with my result.

The last racing day started with the “Mixed Modal” test, which I was really curious about. The workout was on time, but the Time Cap was set to 20 minutes. The goal was to complete and manage. Test completed:

50/35 cal Air Bike (Xebex)
50 Toes to Bar

Then we could tactically choose a sequence of exercises that were clearly determined