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Boxer Rope 3.0 black/red

A staple jump rope for anyone doing regular rope work and cardio fitness training. Features unbreakable 5.5" plastic polymer handles and an ultra-durable 5mm PVC jump rope cord.

Cord Length: 3m

Handle Length: 14cm

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Product code:: ELITE17
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  • Extremely durable cord is designed for longevity on rough indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • Thick 5mm ads resistance to workouts for a quicker cardio burn.
  • Easy resizing system with snap-lock cord ends. Quickly resize to height of different users.
  • PVC cord wont kink when hung on racks or hangers.


Upgraded rope features:


  • New ergonomic grip with dimpled handles for a better grip when you sweat
  • A new dowel for a smoother spin
  • New PVC with a string core. The string running through the PVC cord will keep it from snapping, especially outdoors in cold weather. String also keeps the rope from "stretching" when spin force is applied (particularly during double unders), which helps for a more consistent jump.

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Boxer Rope 3.0 black/red Boxer Rope 3.0 black/red

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